Sustainable Management

BMSMILE fulfills its responsibility to the environment and society and realizes ethical management to create a sustainable future.

BMSMILE has been striving to make the Earth a better place through a circular structure of restoration and growth, not only in the domestic market but also in the global market, constantly innovating and pioneering new paths to be recognized for this valuable commitment.

To become a sustainable company, it is as important to create economic value as it is to establish proper relationships and provide satisfaction through constant communication with various stakeholders such as consumers, employees, partners, and local communities.

As part of these efforts, BMSMILE aims to enhance corporate value in the long term, establish medium- to long-term sustainable management strategies and directions, and enhance capabilities.

BMSMILE aims to donate 7% of its net profit to social contribution activities and continuously innovate and challenge itself as a global company to achieve sustainable growth, contributing to the development of both the environment and society.

As a place where positive influence is exerted on the industrial ecosystem, BMSMILE will continue to prioritize sustainability, utilize its capabilities and assets to anticipate what the world desires, and seek paths that positively impact our society through a circular structure of restoration and growth.

7% of Annual Profit Donated

BM Smile donates 7% of its annual profit to the environment and society. We strive to become a company that embodies responsibility, driving change and innovation to become what our society and the Earth need.

Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

BMSMILE is committed to fulfill its social responsibilities and continuously strives to foster a healthy pet culture and improve social awareness through various social contribution activities.
  • Regular donations to animal shelters

  • MOU signing with KARA for animal rights activities

  • Operation of adoption promotion campaigns for stray animals

  • Operation of the first Korean stray animal care truck, “PETHROOM Car"

  • Operation of the employee volunteer group "1983"

  • Operation of the "YES PROJECT" for animal protection in Jeju, collaboration between PETHROOM, Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical, and Jeju Samdasoo.

Environmental Impact Reduction Activities

BMSMILE is committed to reduce the negative impact of humanity on the environment and local communities. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by carefully considering packaging materials and implementing eco-friendly e-commerce and delivery systems.
  • Introduction of Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

  • Reduction of Office Energy Consumption

  • Expansion of Eco-Friendly Fulfillment Systems

  • Operation of the 'Today's Cleanup' Plogging Campaign

  • Expansion of Research and Development for Sustainable Product Lines

  • Operation of the ‘From The Earth’ Campaign in collaboration of WIGGLE WIGGLE X Hope Bridge for climate disaster response.