Add joy to your ordinary daily life.

Differentiated design

With a differentiated design IP and excellent scalability, we are advancing towards becoming a global IP platform company.

ARTSHARE is the leading IP platform company in Korea, possessing the unique design IP royalty power. We continuously develop high-sensitivity IPs and expand their utility areas endlessly.

Our flagship brand ‘WIGGLE WIGGLE’ presents maximal happiness and fun in everyday life with its vivid colors and witty design IPs.

By transcending industry boundaries with high-sensitivity IPs, we have expanded our business through collaboration with various fields' leading corporations and widened our scope into offline spaces, solidifying our position as the brand most loved by the MZ generation. Additionally, by leveraging global IPs and with the local subsidiaries and production networks in China, we are also gaining attention in global markets such as Japan, China, and Thailand.

Through blending online and offline businesses, ARTSHARE is strengthening IP royalties and is moving beyond domestic market leadership towards global markets.